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Tuesday, 28th April

Good morning all, 


I hope you found the numeracy alright yesterday. I'm sure you all did. Hopefully it was a little reminder about finding the perimeter. 


I'm going to increase the difficulty slightly today and you are going to find the perimeter of shapes when the measurements are missing from some of the sides. 


Please follow through the PowerPoint 1st and then, in order, worksheet 1 and then 2. 


On the 2nd worksheet it is more problem based where you will be able to show your understanding and problem solving skills as there is sometimes more than one answer. Don't be sneaky, give all the answers if you can. 


On the sheet, it is squared paper. Use the squares as 1cm even if not drawn to scale.  If you can't print, just get a piece of paper and a ruler and draw to scale. 



If you are feeling very immature, as I often am although NEVERRRRRR in the classroom, this song is one of my personal favourite numeracy songs and is sure to drive your parents mad! It will help you remember perimeter too which is obviously the most important thing. 





Tuesday's task:



Dialogue and speech punctuation. 


I'm sure you can hear the sound of me moaning about remembering ALL the punctuation  from the comfort of your own homes. Please have a look at the revision reminder in the document and then have a go at the tasks. Let's see if we can get it spot on for when we return to school. 

Remember you can use split speech as well to help improve our writing  which is something we learnt at school 


Good luck, 

Mr Coop.