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Tuesday, 28th April

Happy Tuesday Reception.  I hope that you enjoyed your activities yesterday. 

Our first job, as always, is to recap your phonemes so far using an activity that you really enjoy from previous days-another idea could be to play ‘wack the phoneme’ where you place all of the phonemes on the floor and when your grown up shouts out the sound you have to wack it-you could use a fly squatter, a magic wand or even a wooden spoon!

Mrs Balmer’s/Miss Hathaway’s:

Continuing from yesterday’s ‘air’ work I have attached a read and draw sheet.  Use the sound buttons to help you to read the words and then draw a picture to match the words.  There is space for you to think of one more of your own and you could write some sentences if you want more to do.

Mrs Carr’s/Mrs Brennan’s:

Before Easter I set you a read and race game for you sl,fl,gl words but there were other games in the attachment  I would like you to play games 1 and 7 if you are able to print these out great, but if not try writing the words on pieces of paper and make your own game trail.  Use a dice to jump along the track and to read the different words.   I have re attached the games just in case you haven’t saved them from last time.  We will need this attachment again next week. 

Please could you go back through your reading sets-are there any from the pink set that you have forgotten?  You could set up a little box for words that you have forgotton and use these as a daily word pack.  If your fine with Pink then try going back through your Red sets.

Number activity for everybody!

Can you remember that Number 16 spent a bit of time trying to work out what shape he wanted to be before settling on a square?  Re-watch Number blocks 16 first if not:

Which shape would you have chosen 16 to be?  Can you draw or make 16 in a different ways?  I have attached some squared paper for this.

-Can you make 16 into a rectangle, or a big capital T shape or even into an I shape? What other ways could you make 16? 

There are two ways to use the squared paper, the first way is trickier, the second is an easier way.

  1. Using the squared paper, count out the 16 squares first and mark your squares with a pencil dot before colouring them in so you don’t end up with too many or not enough.  This is a fun counting and problem solving activity, you might need to help your child to count the squares out first before they colour in.
  2. Try cutting out 16 squares (I would make your own as the squares on the paper are quite small) and then let them have fun rearranging them into different shapes, making sure they count them each time.

Have lots of fun Reception, missing you more each day,  Mrs Balmer.