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Tuesday, 2nd June

Hi Everybody!

Hope you got on well with your work yesterday. Here are your activities for today …



For the final half of the summer term we will be moving from phase 5 phonics to phase 6 phonics. Phase 6 phonics focuses mainly on spelling rules when adding prefixes and suffixes. You will learn the majority of Phase 6 when you move into Year 2 in September, however it is something that we do generally introduce at the very end of year 1 as we have now completed phase 5.

It is still extremely important to keep recapping all of the phonemes that we have already learnt. So we would like you to continue doing ‘phonics flashcards speed trial’ and ‘tricky word trucks’ on the Phonics Play website daily.

Today we will begin looking at the suffix -er. A suffix is a letter or a group of letters added to the end of a word to make a new word. For example when we add er  to cold we get colder. The er in colder is the suffix.

Can you remember what an adjective is? An adjective is a describing word. When we add er to an adjective it allows use to compare 2 things. For example, I am taller than you. Please complete the attached worksheet where you must practice adding the suffix er to the adjectives and then write a short sentence to compare 2 things.



This week you are going to be using your imagination but also using all the knowledge you picked up about The Rainforest, Deserts, North or South Pole.


During the half term last week you spent it in this place.


You are going to write a letter to your teacher about your visit.  Each day you will write a section of the letter.


Today, we want you to write about the journey - from your home to the destination - how you got there, how long it took, how you felt on the journey and how you felt when you finally arrived.


Tomorrow and Thursday you will have the other sections of the letter to write. 


On completion you may want to post your letter to your teacher -

Greenmount Primary School

Holhouse Lane





I have pretended that I went to London during the half term and am writing a letter to Mr Griffith telling him about my trip.  This will give you clues as what to include in your letter.  Today is just the introduction and the journey.  (Please see attached)



Warm-up =

Count in 2s, 5s and 10s.

A few weeks ago your focus was on missing number sums – today to warm up your brains you have got 4 missing number sums to complete.

6 + ____ = 15

____ + 5 = 13

12 - ____ = 8

___ - 6 = 14


Main Activity

More activities on 2D shapes today …

First we would like you to do a 2D shape hunt. You could do this around your house, your garden, or when you go out and about to do some exercise. We have attached a worksheet to guide you.

Then, you have got some questions on 2D shapes to complete.

Here is the link to a 2D shape pattern game that you might want to play after completing your activities -


Have a lovely day!

Miss C, Mrs P and Mrs C.