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Tuesday, 2nd June


How was your first day back home learning? It was great to hear off some of you. If you didn’t start or finish writing to me yesterday, it would be lovely to hear from you and find out what you have been up to so please do.



For English this term, we’re going to try something a little different. I have heard that many of you have been finding it a bit harder to get stuck into your writing, this is understandable as we would normally bounce ideas off each other and build up to writing after lots of class work over a week or sometimes two.

To help you out, I have put together a ‘Writing Bingo’ board that allows you to pick and choose writing activities you want to complete and in your own time. This could mean that you choose one a week and work on it over a week, it might mean you choose one and complete it in an hour, you might pick one and it takes you two weeks… the ownership is on you. What you could aim to do is call BINGO before the end of Y4. Game on? Once you’ve completed one of the writing tasks, you can upload it to your Class Dojo Portfolio, where I will give you the thumbs up to be able to cross it off your bingo card! If you don’t use Portfolio, your parents will give you the thumbs up to be able to cross off your bingo card.

The activities are pretty straight forward and can be tailored to your own interests, they allow you to be as creative as you like and I encourage you to apply as much effort as you can. 


To keep other English skills ticking over too, I will also continue to set a reading or comprehension task and a SPAG activity each week. I have attached this week’s SPAG work today.



I hope the video helped you to get to grips with finding the perimeter. Today, have a practice by logging into your classroom secret account and completing ‘Year 4 Perimeter of a Rectangle’ task. This can be typed in the search bar once you are on the website or you can click the link below but you will be not logged in.


 Happy home learning! 


Speak to you tomorrow,


Miss K   X