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Tuesday, 2nd June

Good morning all, 


I have attached the next instalment of the numeracy work. 


I have also provided another quick starter similar to yesterday's. 


The loop cards can be done independently; however, if there are people at home to help, you could play together. 



To start the literacy work for today, have a go at the spelling sheet I have uploaded. A bit of practise by creating your own mnemonics. 



The literacy task today is on (what we use for homework).  I have set two new grammar tasks which cover a variety of y5 concepts. 



Topic task


This week, I would like you to research Greek Gods. 

For the research I would like you to create a fact file for your Gods of choice. 

I have uploaded a sheet (template) to help. Please don't feel like you have to use it or research the Gods on it.


Then I would like you to design and draw caricatures of some of the Gods you researched. 


If you're not sure what a caricatures is, just have a quick google. You'll recognise what I mean straight away. 



Mr Coop.