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Tuesday, 2nd June

Hi Year 6

I hope you got on okay with yesterday’s maths work and that you managed to do the practical work.

Here is the work for Tuesday 2nd June

1 I would like you to look at the Classroom Secrets sheets (VF) and start at either 1a/4a/7a depending upon your confidence level.

2 Now turn to page 98 of the TYM sheets. Once again, you need to look at the examples before doing the appropriate sections(s)

3 Spend 10 minutes doing ‘Look, cover, write and check’ of your spellings because it is our spelling test day on Thursday.

4 Our next task is to read the extracts about life in the trenches and do the activities included. (We did a comprehension based on letters from the trenches before half term.)

Enjoy your day and take care.

Mrs K x