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Tuesday, 2nd June

Good morning Reception, happy Tuesday.  


Did you enjoy the rap?  What creatures did you see living in the sea?  Did you make a long list?  This week I would like you to create your favourite sea creature.  You could paint it, draw it, collage it or even make it out of junk modelling, depending on what resources you have at home.


Today’s phonics: Please go through your reading word pack.  Either go through your phoneme packs or pick a fun game on ‘Phonics Play’ to recap all of your sounds in Phase 3.


Mrs Carr’s/Mrs Brennan’s:  We will be moving onto alternative spellings for the phonemes that you have learnt so far-Phase 5 next, but I thought that you could have a little fun recapping Phase 4 first.  It has been fun to read the Phonics Play comics and today I thought that you could make your own.  I would like you to use words using Phase 4 adjacent consonants (blends).  So, for example you could use words beginning with ‘fl’ or ‘sn’ or words ending in ‘nk’ or ‘st’.  You could start by thinking of names for your characters that begin with an adjacent consonant-you could have a dog called ‘fluff’ that gets ‘lost’ or a monster called ‘gloop’ that gets stuck in the ‘sink’.   You could use your Phase 4 work from previous days to help you to think of more words. Grown-ups-it’s good to talk through ideas first before we compose so please could you spend a little time with your child helping them to think of a beginning, middle and ending to their comic strip story.  You can either choose to write short sentences or speech bubbles.  I have attached some comic strip templates, you can either uses these or create your own.  Please complete this over today and Wednesday as you will have to do lots of thinking, drawing writing and maybe colouring.  Have lots of fun being creative.


Mrs Balmer/Miss Hathaway’s phonics group: Today I thought that we could start Phase 4.  Phase 4 is all about ‘adjacent consonants’ or ‘blends’.  This is when two or three individual sounds sit together in words and seem to blend together as you say them such as ‘sn’ in ‘sniff’ and ‘lk’ in ‘milk’.  They can be harder to segment in words when spelling.  Please find attached a fun game for today’s ‘blend’: ‘fl’.  It is a roll the dice game that can be played as often as you like-unfortunately with this phase some of the words are trickier to read as they contain alternative phoneme spellings, please help your child by reading any words that do not contain phonemes that they have learnt e.g. ‘flame’.


Alternative phonics recap activity: Please play phoneme Bingo-make some coins for your treasure chest and write on the Phase 3 phonemes that we have been learning.  Using your phoneme cards lay out 6 cards for you and 6 cards for your child- you could pick a selection of ones that your child knows and a few that they do not.  Take it in turns to pick out a phoneme coin and place it on your card if you have that phoneme or put it back into the treasure chest if you don’t.  The first one to cover all of their card wins.



Mrs Carr’s/Mrs Brennan’s:  Today I have attached a fun game for your number bonds to 10-you need to be able to quickly recall the number to go with the number that you land on to make ten.  So if you land on ‘3’ you need to call out ‘7’.  Take it in urns to roll your dice and to move your bus along the road.  Alternatively,  this can be done with your own number cards and cars/toys.


Mrs Balmer’s/Mrs Hathaway’s:  Today I thought that we would recap our subtraction by counting back by putting the first number in your head and crossing out the spots as you count back.  The attached sheet is similar to last time but with slightly bigger numbers.  Alternatively this can be done by picking out a number between 6 and 12 from one tub and a handful of objects within 5 from another tub, write down your number sentence and then work it out by counting back, touching each object as you do.


Alternative recap Numberwork-please play number line activities including ordering, 1 more, 1 less and missing numbers working within 20 as previously discussed.


Missing you all, I hope that you enjoy today’s activities,  Mrs Balmer