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Tuesday, 30th June

Good Morning Year 2!

Here are your activities for today …  


Once more, today you're going to thinking about common exception words - words that don't follow normal spelling patterns.  On the sheet attached there are some of the year 2 CEWs that have been scrambled up.  See if you can unscramble them and spell them correctly.

Don't forget to keep your phonics fresh by visiting



The last punctuation mark that you looked at was commas. Can you remember what a comma looks like? Go though the attached ‘comma warm up PowerPoint’ to warm your brain up.

Today you will be looking at apostrophes. An apostrophe looks similar to a comma but instead of sitting on the line, it floats in the air. There are 2 different uses for apostrophes. We will think about one today and one next week. Today you will think about apostrophes for possession. We have done some work on this in school already so you should be familiar with this type of punctuation.

Go through the PowerPoint and complete the worksheet.


Warm-up =  

Look at the attached sheet of sums and answers. Mark the answers with a P or a x. If any of the answers are wrong, remember to tell me what the correct answer would be. 

Main Activity

Your activities for today are intended to help you apply your knowledge of the 10 times tables.

Go through the PowerPoint first as this will give you an idea of the types of questions you will be asked. Then, see if you can apply what you have looked at in the PowerPoint to the worksheets.

Miss C and Mrs P