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Tuesday, 30th June

Tuesday 30th (last day of June 2020)

What a rainy day yesterday was! At least it makes not being able to go many places slightly easier! Who had a PJ day?


I’m in the mist of collecting up all your stories you’ve sent me and I will share these with you this week then you can read each other’s. 



Ready for today’s learning activities? Here goes…


Adding yesterday, can you guess what we’re doing today? Subtracting fractions. The bar model (used when we are in school and on the video links that you’ve watched this week) really demonstrate why we subtract the numerators and not the denominators.

Here’s the video link to follow if you need a recap or to further your understanding.

**For those of you who want a bit more of a challenge (or something additional to do), I have attached some problem solving and reasoning questions that link to today’s objective.



Today we are going to complete some comprehension questions related to the text ‘Amazing Aliens’ introduced yesterday. It is likely you will need to read it again today – you’ve slept since! It’s important you’ve read a text properly before completing questions about it. Take part in today’s task by reading the instructions attached.



Play one of the spelling rule games from the Y3/4 section on the Spelling Frame website. SpellingFrame




Have fun!


Miss K  x