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Tuesday, 30th June

Good morning everybody. 


I have uploaded the final tasks on reflection for today's numeracy work.  There is a PPT for practise questions and then two sheets. 


Please also complete the next page in the revision booklet uploaded yesterday.  It may be best to do this as a bit of a starter activity. 






I hope the revision tasks yesterday were ok.  I know remembering all the different grammatical terms can be tricky but don't worry you'll remember them soon enough when we get back to school as normal. 


I have provided another inference task as a starter for you again today.  It is quite similar to yesterday's and it requires you to provide inferences and then back them up with evidence. 



Main task


We are going to look at another type of non-fiction writing: advertisements. 


Once again, the work you complete during the week will help you build up ideas for a final piece of writing later in the week.  


Today please look at completing the tasks  from pages 5-9. You can complete the Top Trumps activity if you like but you don't have to. I'd like you to focus on the language activities on the pages notes above.  Please also read the example on page 4 so you have an idea of what is to come later in the week. 



Mr Coop.