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Tuesday, 31st March

Hello Year 3,

I hope that everybody is well and finding that you are able to have a go at the work which I have been setting you.  Just remember, a lot of the work I will give you starts off easy and then gets harder.  If you find the last sheet hard, don't worry.  It is meant to be!  Equally, if you are feeling confident, you can always start with the second sheet.

Today's tasks are as follows-


Today for our SPaG work, we are looking at apostrophes and manly at how an apostrophe can be used to join two words- a contraction.  For example, who is can be contracted to who's and should not to shouldn't.  You will need to read the sentences carefully and look for which sentence has used the contraction carefully.  There are a couple of examples of apostrophes used to show ownership, for example Mr Geeson's voice was loud.  Can you identify which of these has been recorded correctly?


  *   I have given you some more work to do on measuring lines, so you will need a ruler for some of the questions.  This is continuing to build upon the work we looked at in class.  Today, you will be having to round measurements to the nearest cm.  For example 3cm 2mm would be rounded to 3cm, as the mm part of the measure is below 5mm.  7cm and 9mm would be rounded to 8cm, as the mm part of the measure is 5mm or above.  Think carefully back to our work on rounding and Roger the Rounding Snake that we used.

If you finish the SPaG work quickly (which doesn't involve you writing), you can always finish off the comprehension work from yesterday, if you didn't complete all of it.

Don't forget to keep your times tables ticking over and keep up the hard work on reading the time from both a digital and analogue clock.  However, most important, take plenty of breaks, get some exercise and if you are able to, some fresh air in your back garden.

Keep up the hard work Year 3.  There are only four days until your Easter break!

Mr G