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Tuesday, 31st March


How did you get on yesterday? What did you think of ‘The Little Shoemaker’? I have seen some brilliant summaries – I shared some on class dojo!

Here we go for some more activities to have a go at. Remember, you complete the tasks at your own pace. Brain breaks are important for successful and happy learning!

Today’s activities!

Maths: To present your own data.

Yesterday you were interpreting data which means you were reading the bar charts and working out what they were showing.

Today, we’re going to have a go at presenting data using bar charts. I have provided you with some data that can be used to create a bar chart – take a look at the example. However, you could also come up with your own data and create a bar chart. You will need to look carefully at the data and think about what your axis should count up in. You can either draw your own bar chart using pencil and paper, or you can use this link to make one online… Make a Bar Graph



Make a Bar Graph

Math explained in easy language, plus puzzles, games, quizzes, worksheets and a forum. For K-12 kids, teachers a...



Points to note: Bar chart axis should always be labelled. To remember which axis is which: ‘x’ to the left, ‘y’ axis to the sky!


English: STOP! Grammar Time!!

Today we will look at inverted commas also known as speech marks! Inverted commas show what a person is saying. Take a look at the worksheet which explains everything you need to know. Coloured pen at the ready mini teachers. 


Speak to you again tomorrow!

Miss K  x


Ps. I know some of you have already started… don’t forget you have a look at the attached ‘menu’ of tasks that link to science, RE, history and geography topics we have already covered. These do not need to be all completed at once, but can be done when you have extra time or if your maths and English activities are completed quicker than expected.