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Tuesday, 31st March

Hi Everyone

I trust that you all coped with the maths work yesterday. Apologies once again for my mistake with the Spell 4 document. I hope that you still managed to complete the task.


Here’s the work for Tuesday 31st March:

1 Continuing with our maths work on pie charts, complete one of the pages from Classroom Secrets, either 1a – 4b; 5a – 8b or 9a – 12b (making sure that you challenge yourself}. I would suggest that you keep the questions on the screen rather than printing everything off and write the answers in your blue book.

2 Then take a look at the examples on page 140 of the TYM sheets before beginning the work on page 140 or 141.

3 I have set two MyMaths activities based on pie charts.

4 Yesterday, I asked you to choose your favourite/least favourite character in the book, stating your reasons why. I now want you to write a short character description of that person, writing between 100 and 150 words. Please remember to check the accuracy of everything you write.

5 Complete Set A, Test 2 of the 10 minute reading tests. (Remember that the answers are at the back of the book for you, or some else, to mark your work afterwards.)


I hope you are all finding some more relaxing activities to do when you have completed the set work. I wonder if any of you have had a look at the optional tasks which I posted on Dojo?

I will be in contact with you all tomorrow.

Mrs K x