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Tuesday, 31st March

Good morning Reception! 


I hope that you have remembered to keep going with your reading words.  Try to do your pack daily if you can.  Make sure you look at the set you are on and keep going back over your old sets.  If you have lots of old sets then maybe pick 1 or 2 different sets each day.  This is so that you don’t forget them for when we return back to school. 


Today’s phonics: for daily phoneme flashcards: 

Please use the phoneme flashcards that you made yesterday to do your daily phoneme flashcard practise.   You could print out two sets so that you can play matching pairs or snap.  I have also attached a roll the dice game as an alternative.  Use these like bingo cards.  If you can’t print out the sheets you could make your own game of bingo for the sounds making your own grids and using phoneme cards to ‘call out’ instead of rolling a dice.  


Next go through your letter names.  If you’re stuck on these, try learning them in sets where the names sound similar:  b,c,d,e,g,p,t,v/l, m, n, f, s,x 


 Main activity for everyone: 

I love to rhyme and it is a really fun way to tune into sounds.  Share your favourite rhyming story cuddled up on a cushion.  This could be The Gruffalo, Room on a Broom, Pants or even The Cat I a Hat.  Try to miss out the rhyming words and see if your child can fill them in e.g. I saw a cat and he was sat on a …? 


I have attached a rhyming game for you to play which is simply a matching game.  I know that this is yet another print-out, but as always I have a non-printable alternative!  Try to find things in your house that rhyme and put them on a tray: e.g a Lego man and a small pan, a hat and a cat (toy!), a mug and a jug, a snake and cake, a shoe and something blue, a tube and a ‘Frube’. I’m sure you can think of more.


Number: Mrs Carr’s/Mrs Brennan’s group: Daily counting in 2’s, 5’s and 10’s, number double recall and number bonds to 10 recall. 


Mrs Balmer’s/Miss Hathaway’s group: 

Daily counting 0-20/ 20-0, flashcards recognition for the numbers to 20.  One 1 less than each of the flashcard numbers in random order.  


Main activity for everyone:  We’re often reminding the children to count carefully, whether this be with small numbers or large numbers.  We often find that when they have got a calculation not quite right it is due to not being careful when they count.  We teach the children to line objects up and to touch each one in turn as they say the number or to cross pictures out 1 by 1.  This sounds easy but sometimes little fingers go too fast. 


I have attached a counting sheet for them to try.  If we have had a chat with you about your child working on numbers within 10 then please choose the number recognition/counting to 10 sheet.  If not, then please choose the pets counting sheet.  Again, this activity can be done practically instead of a sheet as long as they practise counting carefully within 20 it doesn’t matter what they count. 


Take care and have fun, hope to see you all really soon.  Mrs Balmer