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Tuesday, 5th May

Good Morning Year 1,


Here are your activities for today …


Complete ‘phonics flashcards speed trial’ and ‘tricky word trucks’ on the Phonics Play website. 

Your phoneme to focus on today is oa. Practice writing oa. Can you think of any words that contain oa?  Here is a video to introduce the phoneme:

Practice reading and writing the following words that contain oa: goat, soap, load, toad, float, throat, cockroach. We have attached some flashcards containing oa words for you to practice reading. Now can you think of a sentence that contains at least 2 of these oa words?  



Hope your research went well yesterday and that you found it interesting. Warm up your brains with these questions: Think about the difference between city and countryside. Can you name any cities? Can you name places in the countryside? Why do you think people were evacuated from the city to the countryside? (You could try to locate these places on a map).

This week we were supposed to be going on our train ride trip where we were going to experience what it would have felt like to be an evacuee boarding the train and travelling to a new home. So obviously we can’t go on our trip but we can still imagine the train journey.

Today we would like you to imagine you were being evacuated and write a diary entry about the train journey. Here is a list of things to think about when you write your diary entry:

How you would feel leaving the city behind

How you felt in the busy train station

What you could see, hear and smell on the train journey.

How did the scenery change as you got near to the countryside.

Here is a short video to watch to help set the scene and give you some ideas what it would have been like.

We have searched all over the internet and it is proving difficult to find video clips appropriate for KS1 children. Please feel free to look for anything online yourselves or maybe even just take this as a nice opportunity to discuss what happened with your child.



Warm up – 

Daily Ten.

Main Activity –

Using real coins or plastic coins challenge yourselves to find 5 ways of making the following amounts. You might be able to find more than 5 possibilities! 10p, 15p, 20p, 25p, 35p, 50p. Once you have completed your activity here is a game that you can play online -


VE Day Activity

Today we would like you to do an art activity. You have a 2 activities to choose from:

Activity 1 - We know how much some of you enjoy making paper airplanes so we have attached a document containing the outline of a spitfire for you to make. You could even do some research on spitfires if you’re interested.

Activity 2 – Make (draw, paint, etc) a picture of a train full of evacuees heading to the countryside.

Remember to post pictures of what you have been doing on your Dojo portfolio!

Miss C, Mrs P and Mrs C.