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Tuesday, 5th May

Good morning all, 
Before I start, don't worry! Yes, there are a lot of files attached but it is nothing to be concerned about. Some of it is to pick and choose from. 
I'll be quick with this one. 
Here Is another video. This time about area and perimeter 
The next stage of the numeracy is uploaded.
a PPT to follow and then a task and extension. 
VE day
I really hope you  learnt something from yesterday's work. I believe it is really important to have a bit of an understanding as to how and why WW2 started. 
We are going to continue today with understanding more about how the war affected different types of people by analysing sources. 
Please follow the PowerPoint lesson. There are some notes under the slides. Your parents can read these through for you or you can read them yourself to help you with the understanding. 
I have attached a range of activity sheets. Please pick a couple of the people( you don't have to do all) who you would be most interested in seeing how the war affected them. >> Please download PPT (VE day lesson) from here. 
Once you have done these, you can then have a go at the, 'Why we commemorate' sheet. 
The focus for the past two days has been learning about the war by using skills historians would use. From tomorrow, I will be providing you with an apportunity to be a little more creative!
Mr Coop.