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Tuesday, 5th May

Good morning everyone

I hope you all got on well with yesterday’s activities and you were able to crack the codes.

I think you might enjoy the task for Tuesday 5th May.

Today we are going to focus on the Battle Of Britain. The work is cross-curricular because it involves history and computing. I would like you to look at the PowerPoint. It is okay, but it lacks information. I want you to do a lot of research about the aspects shown and add further information to each slide so that the PowerPoint becomes much more informative. You all have fantastic computing skills (far better than mine – we know!) so you shouldn’t find it too tricky to insert text boxes, transitions etc. etc. When you have created a fantastic PowerPoint, I would like you to present to your family – or anyone who wants to listen! Don’t forget that when you present you need to know your ‘stuff’, not just reading it from the PowerPoint.

Enjoy and … stay safe!

Mrs K x