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Tuesday, 5th May

Good morning Reception-did you enjoy the sun yesterday?  It has been lovely to see your posts on Dojo.  What beautiful work you are doing and It is so nice to see your smiling faces.  Don’t worry if you haven’t accessed the portfolios-I realise that you have a lot on at home!


I am guessing that you haven’t finished your bunting?  Keep going with this today if you wish. 


I have just watched ‘Get well Soon’ with Dr Ranj where he explains the Corona Virus and he sings another song for washing your hands that you might like.


Thinking about V.E day-did you find out what it is?  On Friday we will be celebrating the 75 year anniversary of the end of the Second World War in Europe.  The children in the war times had a lot of changes in their lives to cope with too and had to be brave like you are being now.  I was thinking about people who are helping us now and also who helped us in the war-did you know that the post workers carried on working through the war just like they continue to help us now?


Literacy: Please keep recapping your phonemes using a choice of your favourite games that we have used before and reading word packs. 

Can you think of who else is helping us now whilst we stay at home?  Can you draw a thank you picture of somebody helping you or us during this difficult time? Can you label it with who it is/what they do or maybe even with a short sentence about why you are saying thank you?  E.G. thank you post lady for my post, thank you shop keepers for my shopping.  You could even put it up in your window so people passing by can see your thank you poster.  Imagine your post person’s face when they see a thank you just for them?  Or maybe your neighbour goes off to work as a shop worker everyday, making sure that you have food to eat-they might like to go past and see a poster saying thank you to them.


Numberwork: Please keep practising your counting skills using your pointing finger to make sure you count carefully-you could count how much bunting you have made.   You could use your mathematical skills in the P.E activity below:   I thought that you might like to spend some time today practising a skill.  Think about one of the following skills that you could get better at whilst we are at home-something that you could put on a wow! Sheet saying ‘when I was at home I learnt to…’

  • Skipping without a rope-I know that some of you find this a little tricky, skip on the spot, skip in a circle.
  • Hopping on one foot, can you hop on your other foot too?-how many hops can you do?
  • Jumping with your feet together, have you got silent feet? How high can you jump? Who can jump the highest?
  • Catching a ball that is thrown to you-big ball or maybe a small ball.  How many times can you catch it in a row?
  • Throwing a ball into a target-how far away can you stand and still get it in?  You could do a score board-who came first, second, third?
  • Throwing a ball up into the air and catching it-how many times can you do this? Can you make your ball go higher?

Have fun!  Mrs Balmer