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Tuesday, 7th July

Hi Everybody!

Here are your activities for today …  



Today's revision phoneme and alternative spelling is oa.
So, don't be slow,  load the sheet up and have a go!



Last week you were learning about apostrophes for possession. Start by going through the ‘apostrophe warm up’ PowerPoint to warm up your brains.

Today you will be thinking about apostrophes for contractions.

A contraction is when a word has been shortened by removing a letter and replacing it with an apostrophe. E.g. cannot > can’t, he is > he’s, would not > wouldn’t. We have looked at these in school already but it can be tricky to remember the spellings. There is a worksheet to be completed and a PowerPoint with extra activities to try.



Warm-up =  

Daily Ten

Main Activity

Continuing with division today …

Again, there are 2 choices of activity today depending on your confidence with division.

For those of you who are feeling less confident, continue practicing the mental and jotting methods using the ‘division sums’ worksheet.

For those of you feeling more confident please complete the ‘division reasoning’ worksheets.

Have a great day!

Miss C and Mrs P