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Tuesday, 7th July

Good morning Reception, did you manage to take part in the virtual sports day?  I hope that you had lots of fun.

Reading: As always, please take some time to go through your reading packs

Phonic recap:  Please do some more Robot word reading for Phase 2/3 or 4 depending on which one you feel that your child needs more practise with. 

Spelling:  Please continue to learn your chosen 5 spellings-did you manage to spell them correctly in your dictated sentences?

Mrs Balmer’s/Miss Hathaway’s:

Today, I thought that we could look at some more end blends: nd/nch/sk/nk.  Today I thought that we could do some more rhyming by playing rhyming catch, where you have to say a rhyming word as you pass the ball, then the person who catches it says a rhyming word back.  You might need to use a few nonsense words for ‘sk’ as this end blend is not very easy to rhyme with!  You could write down some of your rhymes and look at how the endings stay the same.

  • nd-hand
  • sk – ask/desk
  • nk – think
  • nch - lunch


Mrs Carr’s/Mrs Brennan’s:

Today I thought that we would recap the new alternative ways of spelling some of our phonemes using some common words that you might use in your writing.  I have attached a sheet with 5 lists of  words that use the alternative phoneme spelling.  I would like you to use these to write some sentences with these words.  You can choose a word from more than one list to write each sentence if you wish.  

E.G. The man had a blue tie.





Mrs Balmer’s/Miss Hathaway’s: Please keep revising your key skill-choose one for each day this week that you feel that you need to work on:

  • number bonds to 10
  • Recognition of the numbers 0 to 20
  • Ordering the numbers to 20
  • counting to and back from 20
  • saying 1 more and 1 less than a number within 20
  • recalling your doubles within 12

Mrs Carr’s/Mrs Brennan’s: Please keep revising your key skill-choose one for each day this week that you feel that you need to work on:

  • recalling the number bonds for numbers 2-10
  • Counting to and back from 100
  • counting in 2’s to 100
  • counting to and back from 100 in 5’s
  • counting to and back from 100 in 10’s
  • recalling your doubles and halves within 12


Shape Space and Measure


Today I thought that we would look at a half.  Some have you have looked at sharing things in half in more detail, but I know that some of you found this tricky.  Today I thought that we could look at halving shapes.  I have attached some shapes for you to cut out or you could draw around objects at home, eg. A bowl, a place mat, a coaster and a cut in half square for the square.  Please spend time cutting these shapes out slowly and carefully-if they are not the same shape when you cut them out then they will not fold in half.  Then you need to fold the shapes carefully-I would start with the square-you need to fold it so that the edge from the bottom touches the edge on the top and that the corners match up.  Grown-ups you may need to model this with your own cut out shapes.  After the square, try the rectangle, after that have a go at the circle and then the triangle which I think if the trickiest.

Once you have folded all of the shapes then you can decorate one half of each shape, however you wish-but only decorate one half.

Take care and have fun, Mrs Balmer