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Tuesday, 9th June

Good Morning Year 2,

Here are your activities for today …



Continuing with the alphabet, today you are going to make an alphabet collection.


Here are some ideas for your collection:




Fruit and vegetables








You will probably come up with your own better ideas and things you are interested in!

Use the sheet provided to draw and write on to complete your alphabet collection.


In addition time yourself sorting the letter tiles into the correct order and see if you can beat your time.  By repeating this you will become more familiar with alphabetical order.



Oh dear Miss Crossley has written some sentences and she has definitely forgotten her spelling, punctuation and grammar.

Time to be a teacher again and sort out this work with your green pens!



Warm-up =

To warm up your brains today I would like you to start off by playing teacher and marking some maths sums. If they are wrong, don’t forget to tell me what the correct answer is.

Main Activity =

Go through the shape riddle PowerPoint. Read the 4 clues and see if you can guess the shape that is being described. Remember to go through the PowerPoint as a slideshow, otherwise it will give away all of the answers before you have chance to guess.

Now have a go at writing 2 of your own shape riddles, one for a 2D shape and one for a 3D shape. See if someone in your family can solve your riddle or post your riddle on your dojo portfolio to see if your teacher can solve it.

Today is our final day focussing on 3D shapes and I would like you to do some more reasoning work. Remember when we do these types of questions it is important that you are able to explain your answers clearly. For example, in a true or false question you must say whether it is true or false AND explain why you have come to that decision. I have attached another PowerPoint for you to run through to become familiar with the type of questions you will be answering. Then, you have 2 reasoning worksheets to complete (try to do these independently). 


Miss C and Mrs P.