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Tuesday, 9th June

Hello Y4 🤓


I hope that you had a lovely, productive Monday! Here we go for Tuesday…



Yesterday’s lesson introduced you to finding the area of shapes by counting squares. Today, practice this using the TYM pages 94-95. Look at the examples (on page 94) to refresh your brain, then work your way through the sections. Take note that the questions also ask you to find the perimeter of the shapes so you’ll need to use last week’s learning! I’ve attached some squared paper too.



Again, we are going to look at apostrophes. Today focusing on apostrophes for possession (belonging). You can follow the BBC Bitesize lesson using the link below where you can watch their short clip to remind yourself how to use apostrophes for possession. They have then set three activities:


Activity 1 tests how much you remember from the video by completing a quick quiz. Can you get all five questions correct?


Activity 2 shows a video then asks you to complete an activity spotting where apostrophes for contractions can be used. I have attached this activity as a PDF.


Activity 3 is there if you want something extra to do.


Keeping busy! 


I know you are all keeping busy doing lots of different things and it’s great to see such the variety of the things you’re up to. Here are just some optional things that you can dip into if you’re wanting something to do…


I’ve seen some of you have been ‘Drawing with Rob’. I had a go and I really enjoyed it! If you haven’t yet, take a look at his website, there are lots of different tutorials to support your drawing skills, from animals, to racing cars!  

I have also attached ‘Starters for STEM’ document which provides you with some activities to help you develop your science, technology, engineering and maths skills. 


Enjoy your day. 

Miss K x