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Tuesday, 9th June

Good morning, 
Today I would you to start 'planning' your writing today. 
To do this I would like you to use the worksheet and ppt provided to label a Greek soldier. 
This is your first step. 
When you have done this, I would then like you to find and list as many words as possible to describe each part you have labelled. Make sure you use fantastic vocabulary. Use it is  handy tool.
Your 3rd step is to then think about fantastic bits of vocab to describe the soldiers attributes and personality. You will then have a bank of words which describe both appearance and personality. 
Your comprehension on Monday will also give you some idea of a soldiers personality and mindset. 
I have uploaded the next two worksheets for numeracy. 
They are still 3-d shape activities. We will move on tomorrow. 
Mr Coop.