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Tuesday, 9th June

Good morning Reception, I hope that you enjoyed your activities yesterday.


Phonics:  Please go through your phoneme flashcards, letter names with their sounds and current reading words.


Phoneme revision:  Mrs Carrs/Mrs Brennan’s:  Play the Pirate game on Phonics Play-choose Phase 5 and then click on the ‘ea’ tile


Mrs Balmer’s/Miss Hathaway’s: Have another go at playing the Pirate game on Phonics Play-choose Phase 4 and then click on the ‘ccv and ccvc words’, ‘set 1-7’


Mrs Balmer’s/Miss Hathaway’s group:   This week we will be continuing to work on the  ‘r’ family adjacent consonants or ‘clusters’: gr, br, cr, dr, fr, pr and tr.  Can you add two more pages to your booklet that you completed yesterday?  Can you make a page of pictures that start with ‘br’?  Can you write what your pictures are underneath?  Then try to do the same for ‘cr’.  Parents-you may need to offer up some suggestions that your child can draw and write, here are some if you are stuck for ideas:

Br: brown, brick, bread, broom

Cr: cream, cry, crown, cracker

Don’t forget that your child may write phonetically so they may spell ‘cry’ as ‘crigh’ etc.


Mrs Carr’s/Mrs Brennan’s group: 

We will continue to look at ea/ee today.  I have attached a sheet similar to one from last week for word spelling and then sentence writing.



I have included a link to a 2D shape game for you to have a little fun.  I often find in school that children easily forget the names of the common 2D shapes and mix up rectangle/triangle.



It was world ocean’s day yesterday and our theme continues to be the sea.  Today I would like you to create a picture of the sea but can you do it using 2D shapes?  You can either draw your picture by drawing around shapes, e.g. a cup for a circle or you could do a collage by drawing around shapes, cutting them out and sticking them on.  In your picture you could have different fish and add a treasure chest made of rectangles or you could do rectangular green strips and stick these on in a wiggly way to make sea-weed.  Extension-could you add any new 2D shapes? Have fun.



Take care, Mrs Balmer.