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Wednesday, 10th June

Good morning all, 


Greek soldier description

 I would like you to start thinking about writing your soldier description today. Hopefully, you have labelled the diagram yesterday and already thought about which elements of the soldier you would like to describe. Use the picture and information from yesterday to help.

 I would recommend starting by describing their appearance. Which bits of the soldier or his armour/weapons do you think you would do a really good job of describing. Do they look fearsome? What are their weapons and armour like? Could you describe in detail their physique or facial expressions?

When you have described the soldier’s appearance move onto, in the 2nd paragraph, describing the soldier’s personality. Remember to try and link your two paragraphs together. How does your 1st paragraph end and 2nd start.

 When writing, think about your sentence openers, don’t start every sentence in the same way. Can you use different fronted adverbials to start sentences? You can try and include relative clauses to add extra information. Go the extra mile with your specific descriptions.


Have fun with this task. Really try and make that soldier come to life. Good luck.





I have uploaded the next bit of maths based on 2-d shapes. We will focus on this for the rest of the week. I have also uploaded a bit extra. It is a revision sheet based on multiplying fractions.