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Wednesday, 10th June

Hello Year 6

I hope you managed with yesterday’s area of a triangle and I hope you coped with the comprehension work about the centenary of the Battle Of The Somme.

It is Wednesday 10th June, and it can only mean one thing –

Our Writing Morning!

This morning I want you to refer to the comprehension work that you did yesterday, and I would like you to do some research and make notes about the Battle Of The Somme. I then want you to have a look at the ‘attached’ sheets because today I want you to write a newspaper report about the Battle Of The Somme. The battle lasted five months so you will need to make a decision – are you reporting on the first day of the battle (which is the most remembered day) or are you writing this at the very end of the battle? The last newspaper report you did for me was on 1st April, so I am going to add here what I did last time:

You will need to imagine that you are a reporter in 1916 reporting on the facts at that time. When writing this report remember the ‘Ws’ – who, what, where, when, why. Write the draft of the report in your blue book. When you have edited your work thoroughly – spellings (you know who you are!); basic punctuation (you also know who you are!!); included a wider variety of punctuation – write up your report on the newspaper template. You will need to print this off. If it is a problem, you will need to recreate the template in your blue book. As a class, you have always done a pretty good job when writing newspaper reports.

Enjoy your writing task and please post your writing on Portfolio.

Have a good day – continue to take care.

Mrs K x