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Wednesday, 13th May

Wednesday 13th May 2020

Happy Wednesday, hope all is well.


As always please go through all of your Phase 3 phoneme cards and revise your letter names.  The revise your reading words (or do your pack later in the day). 


Mrs Carrs/Mrs Brennan’s:

I would like you to make your own flashcards for the three letter ‘blends’: squ/scr/thr/spl today so that you can practise reading them.  For ‘squ’ it is like ‘qu’ so you don’t pronounce the ‘u’.  The have a try at reading these words: (parent’s you might want to enlarge these or write out again).

squish  squid

screen  scram

three  throat

splish  splosh

Today’s  comic is : ‘Midnight Moon’ on  the website ‘phonicsplaycomics’ which recaps a lot of the blends that we have been looking at.


Mrs Balmer’s/Miss Hathaway’s: 

Phase 3 revision-see if you can read these words by sounding out (parent’s you might want to enlarge these or write out again). If there are some that you are stuck on then make a list of those phonemes.  Then go on new phonics play and choose the pirate game from yesterday for one or more of your tricky phonemes.  You can make a phoneme pack just for the tricky phonemes so that you can concentrate on learning them.

shed   chick    this  ring   wait  quick   seen  night   boat   moon   fork   her   turn  ladder  bark   hair  beard   pure   boil 



Mrs Balmer/Miss Hathaway’s group:  Please carry learning any numbers within 20 that you don’t know and with the number line ordering if you are finding this tricky. 


Mrs Carr’s/Mrs Brennan’s group: Please continue to revise counting in 2’s, 5’s and 10’s starting from different points and working backwards if you can!


Everyone:  I’ve attached a fun ‘crack the code’ pirate addition sheet for you to practise your adding by counting on-don’t forget to put the bigger number in your head and the smallest number on your fingers-circle the biggest number first to help with this.

The sheet is within 10,if you would like to include some bigger numbers you can just alter some of the numbers e.g the 1 to an 11.  Remember not to change all of the numbers though as you will need some small numbers to put on your fingers-see how you go.


I’ve not set a big phonics activity to day as I want you to spend some time assessing where you are up to and thinking about your personal learning and revision-this can be done at any time of the week. But also, I want to give you time to enjoy making your own pirate treasure map!  Did you manage to stain your paper?  Did you manage to rip it a bit?  You could even screw it up a bit and then flatten it out to make it look really worn!  Now using your ideas from the treasure land that you drew and labelled over the last two days design your own treasure map. You will need to draw some different places on the map e.g a dark cave, a swamp, a deep dark wood then draw a path for the pirates to follow going through each of these places.  Try to make it as difficult as you can for those pirates!  Where will you hide the treasure-don’t forget to draw your X to mark the spot.  You could surround your Island with water but remember don’t draw anything on the map that can move.


 I hope you have lots of fun doing this, it is one of my favourite pirate activities, Mrs Balmer.😊