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Wednesday, 17th June

Good Morning Year 2!

Just a reminder of how to access colour band books online:

Click on this link -

Select ‘Teacher Sign In’


Password: Parents20! 

Click ‘Login’. 

Click on Collins Big Cat and select the colour band that your child is currently reading. You will have to turn the volume off on your computer as it will read the text for you if you let it!

Here are your activities for today …



Let’s start today with some reading practice. Go on Classroom Secrets Kids > Year 2 > Reading > Year 2 Holidays Reading Comprehension Coastal Holidays.

Can you remember the rule for adding suffixes to words ending in a short vowel sound followed by a consonant (big)? We double the final consonant and add -er / -est (bigger / biggest).

Complete the attached worksheet.



Did you enjoy the first section of Catch It? What do you think is going to happen next?

Today I would like you to watch the next section of the video. Start back from the beginning and stop the video when you get to 3:00. You will probably need to watch this section of the video a few times and think really carefully about what has happened. I know it is tempting to watch further but try and leave the rest of the video until tomorrow.

Now you can write the second part of your story. Think carefully about how the meerkats are feeling and describe this in your story.



Warm-up =

Complete the next slide on the daily warm up PowerPoint.

Main Activity

Today I would like you to do a more practical based maths lesson. Please see the attached worksheet. I have also attached a document containing an example of how to fill out the grids. 


Miss C and Mrs P