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Wednesday, 17th June

Good morning all, 

Firstly, i hope you found the history behind the Battle of Marathon interesting. Especially the legend of Pheidippides.


I would like you to write your diary entry today. Remember you are writing from the view point of Pheidippides. You're going to imagine you are Pheidippides and you  had just fought in the war and was then told to run to Athens to pass on the news of victory. 


Use the last slides of yesterday's ppt to help the structure and content of your writing. 

I have also uploaded a sheet today which will help you get the genre of writing. 

It is a checklist for diary writing so you can check. You are not writing a story. Yes, you explain what happened and add detail and description but the main element of a diary is your thoughts, emotions and opinions. 


Good Luck. 


I have also uploaded Wednesday's numeracy work. 

Please also complete sheet 3 of the pack uploaded on Monday, 


Mr Coop.