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Wednesday, 1st April

Good Morning Year 1,

April already! On my daily walk I have been looking out for signs of spring. Yesterday I saw lambs bouncing around in the field and there were daffodils all over the place. It was beautiful! Spring is definitely one of my favourite seasons! What is your favourite? Why don’t you look out for signs of spring when you next go outside? We hope you are coping well with the work we are setting and that you are managing to keep yourselves busy. 

Here are your activities for today …


Go onto the Phonics Play website. You can access this on a tablet using the address         username: march20   password: home

Click on phase 5 on the menu that appears at the left hand side of the screen. Practice phonemes and tricky words using ‘phonics flashcards speed trial’ and ‘tricky word trucks’. Then, play the ‘make a match’ game. You will find this under the phase 4 section. It is one of our favourites to play in school! Your phoneme to focus on today is aw. Practice writing aw. Can you think of any words that contain aw?

Here is a video you might want to use to introduce aw – Another one from Geraldine the Giraffe:

Practise reading and writing the following words that contain the aw phoneme. Yawn, claw, lawn, draw, straw, strawberry.

Now can you think of a sentence that contains at least 2 of these aw words?  I have attached some flashcards containing real and nonsense words for you to practise reading. Remember to sound them out first!



Now you have done some work on recognising and writing adjectives let’s put that practice into a piece of writing.

We’ve got an exciting activity for you today – Let your imagination run wild!

Today, you are going to design a brand new animal. It can be anything you want. A new type of dinosaur, a new zoo animal, a new pet, a variation of an existing animal or something completely new!

First, draw and label your new animal. Don’t forget to give it a name!

Then, write some sentences about its appearance. Remember to use adjectives!

Next, tell me about where is lives.

Finally, tell me about what it eats.

Remember – the purpose of this activity is for you to use adjectives. There must be an adjective in every one of your sentences. I have attached a worksheet for you to put all of this information on. Feel free to use this or complete the activity in any format you want (a poster, a leaflet, a PowerPoint).


Warm up – 

Recall number bonds to ten. You could play hit the button and see if you can beat your previous score.

Main Activity –

Today you will be learning your number bonds to 20 (numbers that add together to make 20 e.g. 1+19, 2+18, 3+17 …). You will be doing a practical activity today to explore the different number bonds. First, make yourself a part whole model (see below)




Parents – if you want a further explanation of what a part whole model is/does, please see this link


Then, get 20 small objects. Put these objects in the ‘whole’ (the top circle).

Next split the 20 items into the two parts e.g. 1 item in 1 part and the other 19 in the other part.

Finally, write down all of the number bonds that you can find.

Parents, remind children that the numbers in additions can go either way around e.g. 1+19 and 19+1.

You should find 21 different sums.


Have fun!

Miss C, Mrs P and Mrs C.