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Wednesday, 1st April

Happy Humpday!


I remember the first time I wrote ‘hump day’ on the board and you were all so confused! You may have to explain to your parents what it means! 🤣


I must say, I am really pleased to see so many of you learning at home. Great work on presenting data using bar charts yesterday and lots of children enjoying being the teacher! 



Activities to try next...


Maths: Comparison, Sum and Difference


Moving on from bar charts... you will be looking at data presented in different ways, comparing the data, making totals and finding differences.

You’ve got to look carefully at the data to be accurate with today’s work!


English: STOP! Grammar Time!! (Again!)

Take a look at the worksheet, you are still working on inverted commas however today you need to spot the missing inverted commas – remember they show what someone is saying.

Now you are an expert with inverted commas, have a go at writing some dialogue between the two shoe makers. You might need to watch the video again to help you. 


I bet you're all missing each other lots and missing some of your family. Pick some friends from Y4 or family members - write some dialogue between you. What do you think your first conversation will be about? 


Over and out!

Miss K J x