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Wednesday, 1st April

Hi Everyone

Wednesday 1st April. It is a shame that we are not in school because I am sure that I would have been able to get some of you with ‘April Fool’ tricks.

I promise that this is not an ‘April Fool’ - it’s our Writing Morning!!

I am sure that when you did your research on the causes of WW1 you might have read about the sinking of the Lusitania. I would like you to do some further research specifically on the sinking. If you go on BBC Bitesize, click on ‘primary’ and then type ‘Lusitania’ in the search box it will take you to a class clip where Lizzie Brownlee, a stewardess and survivor of the sinking, talks about her experience.

When you have got sufficient information, I want you to write a newspaper report. You will need to imagine that you are a reporter in 1915 reporting on the facts at that time, probably writing it at night after the sinking. When writing this report remember the ‘Ws’ – who, what, where, when, why. Write the draft of the report in your blue book. When you have edited your work thoroughly – spellings (you know who you are!); basic punctuation (you also know who you are!!); included a wider variety of punctuation – write up your report on the newspaper template (PDF). You will need to print this off. If it is a problem, you will need to recreate the template in your blue book.

I have included, as a PDF, a copy of the ‘tick’ sheet as a reminder of what you need to check and include in your writing.

As a class, you have always done a pretty good job when writing newspaper reports so good luck with this.

Mrs K x