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Wednesday, 1st April

Happy 1st of April Reception. 


This week’s topic activity is all about materials, what they’re made from and how they feel.  Parents can you help your child to find something made of wood, plastic, metal and glass?  Talk to your child about what the item is made from, how do we know?  How does it feel?  Why is that a good material to use for that object? 


A nice activity to talk about how things feel is to put them in a feely tub.  You can make a feely tub by putting a plastic beaker inside of a sock, this creates a vessel to put your object in and the top of the elasticated sock should help to hide the object inside when your child puts their hand in.  Try using different fun objects that get you talking, e.g. an ice cube, jelly, shaving foam, rice, a crunchy leaf or a button. 


Today’s phonics: Daily phoneme activity-choose from the selection that we have built up over the last 2 weeks: 

Phoneme tub, snap, bingo, matching pairs, roll a phoneme or Phonics Play phoneme challenge games/Catch a Giggling Phoneme.  Continue to go through your letter names.  If you’re stuck on these, try learning them in sets where the names sound similar:  b,c,d,e,g,p,t,v/l, m, n, f, s,x 

Reading words; daily if you can please and don’t forget to keep going over your old ones. 


Main activity:  A new website today.  Hopefully you should all have received your Classroom Secrets login details email from school on Monday. 


Please go to: kids classroom secrets as per the email and login. 


Mrs Balmer’s/Miss Hathaway’s group click on EYFS and then click on ‘phonics.  Go to page 2 and play the phonics game ‘match pictures to sounds game 4’ for ow/er.   

Mrs Carr’s/Mrs Brennan’s group click on EYFS and then click on ‘phonics’.  Go to page 6 and play the sounding out game for ‘ear, air, ure’.  Help your child to say what the picture is and then to isolate the correct sound needed.  The picture that looks like a tear is actually ‘pure’ and the medicine bottle picture is ‘cure’. 


For both groups they only need to type in the phoneme not the whole word.  Depending on their keyboard skills, you might need to type the phoneme in for them but they need to either tell you how to spell it or use the phoneme mat that I sent you last week to identify the correct sound. 


These are short activities today as you have a lot of little revision tasks and also your topic activity. 


Number: Mrs Carr’s/Mrs Brennan’s group: Daily counting in 2’s, 5’s and 10’s, number double recall and number bonds to 10 recall. 


Mrs Balmer’s/Miss Hathaway’s group: 

Daily counting 0-20/ 20-0, flashcards recognition for the numbers to 20.  One 1 less than each of the flashcard numbers in random order.  


Main activity for everyone:  Carrying on from yesterday’s counting activity the children have also been learning how to estimate.  Using the kid’s classroom secrets website this time click on EYFS and then Maths.  Once on the page click on the estimating game (a picture of a beaded necklace.  The game takes you through the process of estimating: looking, having a good guess and then counting to check.  No counting first children!!! 

Again, this is a short activity so you could use similar ideas in your home to make your own estimating game. 


Back tomorrow, Mrs Balmer 🙂