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Wednesday, 1st July

Hi Everybody!

Here are your activities for today …  


Today it's your final set of common exception words to unscramble.  On the sheet attached there are some of the year 2 CEWs that have been scrambled up.  See if you can unscramble them and spell them correctly.

Don't forget to keep your phonics fresh by visiting



For the rest of the week we will be focusing on poetry in English. You will be looking at shape poems. Please go through the attached PowerPoint which will explain to you what a shape poem is. The final slides explain your activity for today. You will be writing your own shape poem based on ideas that I will provide for you. Your shape poem will be about an ice cream. Please see the slide containing adjectives and phrases to describe an ice cream. Try to add some of your own ideas. Then using either the ice cream outline provided or your own drawing of an ice cream, write sentences to describe the ice cream. Remember to use the adjectives and phrases you have just worked on to help you. You have just written your own shape poem!


Warm-up =  

Problem of the day.

Main Activity

We will now be moving onto division. Can you remember what the division sign looks like?

When we introduce division in KS1 we look at it through equal sharing. This helps us to use our knowledge of equal groups and skip counting in 2s, 3s, 5s and 10s. Year 2 children should already be partly familiar with division. The activity today will be practical. You will need some small items for this activity e.g. counters, pebbles, dry pasta, Lego pieces.

Here is an example of the type of question you will do today:

I have 15 sweets and need to share them equally between 5 children (15 ÷ 5 )

Get 15 small items and see if you can share them equally between 5 people. Are the groups equal? How many items does each person get? What division sum have you just done?

Go through the attached PowerPoint and share the items equally. For each example given I would like you to work out the answer practically using counters (or any small items) and dishes.

So for the first question 8 cookies need to be shared between 2 children. You would need 8 counters to represent the cookies and 2 dishes to represent the children. Each child must end up with an equal amount. What division sum have you done?  (8 ÷ 2 ).


If you want to do a little bit extra after the PowerPoint activities please see the attached worksheet. Think carefully about what division sum you are doing.

Have a lovely day!

Miss C and Mrs P