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Wednesday, 1st July

Good morning, 
I would now like you to focus on the writing tasks by beginning to plan.
Please turn you attention to pages 10-15 in the pack. These activities will begin to help you formulate ideas for the piece of writing later in the week. Try and remember some of the features you work through. 
You are switching concept today. The new focus is on graphs. 
Please find the sheets and ppt attached. They are both based on line graphs. The ppt and first activities are based on interpreting line graphs. The ppt will just remind you quickly how to read a graph carefully. 
You can then complete the worksheet which goes with it. 
Extra numeracy
Today, i have also uploaded a numeracy investigation pack. These investigation can really get you thinking. They are not compulsory and you can choose to complete any which you like if you fancy a challenge. 
Mr Coop.