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Wednesday, 1st July

Good morning Reception,  happy first of July!

This week I thought that you could design your own sea creature or minibeast!  Think about what features a minibeast or a sea creature has and then combine different ones to make your own. You could also be creative with the colours that you use.  You could have a rainbow snail with wings or a spotty green jellyfish with eyes.  What will you call your creature? 

Reading: Please go through your reading packs.

Phonic recap:  Please go through your phoneme flashcards.   

Spelling:  Please keep going with your chosen 5 spellings and maybe have a recap of a few ones from previous weeks.

Activity for everybody:   Today I would like you to use your lists from yesterday to write your letter to your new teacher for when you go into Year 1.  We can start our letter with ‘Dear’ or ‘To’ and then their name -Mrs Carr, Mrs Parkinson or Mrs Balmer.  Next, I would like you to write some sentences.  Pick something from your first list to write about-you could start your sentence with I like…You could even join two ideas about what you like with ‘and’.  Then choose something from your second list to write about: ‘I don’t like…’.  Finally choose something from your last list to write a sentence about-what you like to do outside of school.  You could start this sentence with ‘ I like to’ or ‘At home I like to…’.  Don’t forget to try to wow your next teacher with your super writing.  Try to remember to sit your letters on the line and to leave spaces between your words.  If you can, try to remember your full stops at the end of each sentence idea and a capital letter for ‘I’ and to begin a new sentence.  I have attached some writing paper, it has a border around it in case you would like to decorate it.  Attach your letter o you picture and keep it safe for when you return to school.  I can’t wait to read mine.

Number- An activity for everybody:

Please pick one of the daily starters for your group from previous days to work on first.

Today I thought that we could look at taking away by counting back on a number line.  You will need to lay out your cards 0-10/0-20 or 0-30.  You will also need a little object to do the jumping.  I would like you to use your take-away sheet from yesterday-with the answers on.  The reason why I want the answers on is because you are doing a new way of working out the calculations and if you already know the answer then you can check that you are doing it right.

Work out your calculations by making your object jump back on the number line.  So for example, if your calculation is 10-4 you need to put your object on number 10 and then make it jump backwards 4 times-the first time you jump make sure you jump off the number-no jumping on the spot!  If you do it correctly you should land on number 6.  Work through your sheet.  You could then make some new calculations using your number cards like Monday or you could do this activity outside using chalk numbers on the ground that you can jump along.

Take care and have fun, Mrs Balmer