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Wednesday, 20th May

Good Morning Year 2!



Daily practise on Phonics Play - Tricky word trucks and Speed Trial - all of Phase 5. 

Compound words - continue with the sheets provided.



Today, we want you to continue with your non-fiction book about The Rainforest, Desert or The Poles. 

The children at school made a great start to their books yesterday.



Warm-up =

Daily Ten. Level 2 > Addition > Three One-Digit Numbers.

Times tables practice.

Main Activity =

Over the past few days we have covered all of the different times on the clock. We are very aware that you will all be at different levels with this. If you feel like there are certain times you haven’t quite understood fully, please go back and focus on them over the next few days rather than moving on. It is so important to practice telling the time every day so that it becomes so easy that you don’t even need to think about it.

Today your sheet has a mixture of all of the different times you have been looking at. We have also attached a challenge activity for you to complete if you feel you can.

There is a board game too if you want to give it a go!

Miss C and Mrs P.