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Wednesday, 20th May

Happy Humpday! 😬


I can’t believe it’s Wednesday already! How is your week going? I can imagine that lots of you are getting tired and ready for half-term. I know that when we are in school the last week before we break up is always a difficult one – only three more days to go!  


Maths ⭕️

Yesterday triangles, today quadrilaterals. Very similar to Tuesday, I have attached another PPT that provides you with information about the different types of quadrilaterals there are. You should view it as a slide show and read it very carefully as you’ll need to know your stuff before completing the worksheet. As always, the worksheets go from easy to hard, you may need to start with the one star and as your confidence grows, complete the others.


English 😂

Spellings: using your Classroom Secret log in; play year3/4 spelling game 3.

Whilst we are on the subject of humour this week, what makes you laugh? A sense of humour can brighten up your day. Laughing can make you smarter, healthier and help you to be able to cope better with challenges. Look at the attachment, work through the activities and read the jokes. Which ones make you laugh? Practice reading some of them to someone in your house, do they laugh? Can you make someone laugh? Maybe call/video call someone and see if you can make them laugh too. 

Make your own joke, create or tell a funny story, draw a funny picture of yourself! Laugh lots today. Remember, you should be funny… not hurtful or inappropriate.


Have fun!