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Wednesday, 20th May

Good morning Year 6

I hope you got on okay with yesterday’s maths work. You have now done Mean, Mode and Median. Try to make sure that you are clear about the difference between each of these words, especially when they all begin with the letter ‘M’.

Right here we go for our work for Wednesday 20th May:

Our Writing Morning!

I want you to flick back in Listen To The Moon to familiarise yourself with Chapter 9. Last week when you read the chapter, I asked you to make a list of adjectives to describe how Mary would have been feeling when Lucy went missing. Imagine that you are Mary and write a diary entry for the day. In the entry you will describe the events of the day, but you will also write about your feelings. Refer to your list of adjectives as you write. Mary was desperate with worry, so her feelings really need to come across in the diary entry. She was also astounded by what she saw when they found Lucy. Remember that in a diary you can use a chatty style but please remember you are writing this in 1915, not 2020!

A piece of diary writing is not a massive piece of writing, so you really need to focus on the style and making your writing accurate by remembering to edit your work.

It would be good to read some of your finished pieces on Portfolio.

Take care and I will ‘speak’ to you tomorrow.

Mrs K x