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Wednesday, 20th May

Hello all!


Phonics: please keep going with your phoneme flashcards, letter names and reading words as always if you can.


Did you enjoy your pirate treasure word hunt?  Today I would like you to make a trail game with your coin words.  You simply need to lay your coins out across the floor, or on a table in a wiggly line.  You and your partner will need a counter each and a dice.  Take it in turns to roll the dice and move your counter along the right amount of coins.  Then read the word that you land on.  The first one to the end wins.  As there are only 10 word coins I have attached a sheet with some extra circles that you could add into your game to make it more fun.  If you can, play the game a few times so that you have a chance to read the different words.  Grown ups please read aloud the word that you land on so that your child can read it with you.  Have fun!



Mrs Balmer’s/Miss Hathaway’s group

How did you get on with your subtraction activity yesterday?  I have attached a take-away sheet today, but this can be done practically if you would prefer, using objects or food and your number cards.


Mrs Carr’s/Mrs Brennan’s

Today I thought that we could do some doubling and halving.  I have attached two activity sheets for you with some problem-solving ideas for activities for doubling and halving.   I hope that you enjoy them or maybe you could think of some of your own.


Take care, Mrs Balmer