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Wednesday, 22nd April

Hello Y4!

Today, we are going to start with some daily 10 – a website we used before Easter. Click the link below and select Level 4, choose double/halve. I want you to select one of the doubling options, either up to 250 or up to 500. You could maybe have a go at both- challenge yourself to see in how many seconds you can answer each question – no more than 15 seconds! 

Daily 10 - Mental Maths Challenge - Topmarks





Maths: Recalling time facts

Moving on from seconds, minutes and hours, start to think about days, weeks, months and years. Do you know how many days are in a week? Weeks are in a year? Months are in a year? What facts do you know? Make a list. Use the facts to then try and complete the questions on the worksheet.

English: Writing planning

Thinking about the text you’ve spent the last couple of days on, I want you to look at the features of the text. Think about when we look at different texts in class how do we classify them into genres? Headings, sections, columns, bullet points etc. What features does the ‘ A Recipe for Friendship’ have? Plan your own recipe; Recipe for the Perfect Parent, or Gorgeous Grandma/Granddad, Recipe for a Top Teacher… be as creative as you like!

In school, we take time and effort to plan a piece of writing, to get all our ideas down and think about the organisation of the writing. Take time to plan it first, then draft it. Then, towards the end of the week you will have created a good piece of writing.  Looking forward to seeing your ideas.


Speak to you again tomorrow!

Miss K 😀 x