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Wednesday, 22nd April

Hi Everyone

I hope you are all finding time for fresh air and exercise, as well as keeping up with the work I set.

Here’s the work for Wednesday 22nd April:

We are not doing writing today – I have saved it until tomorrow!!

1 Take a look at the PowerPoint from Classroom Secrets. You will need to have a look at is as a PowerPoint (not as slides) in order to have a go at working out the answers.

2 Look at page 146 of the TYM sheets. As usual, look at the example and then do the section according to your confidence level.

3 Ask someone at home to test you on the spellings that you should have been practising for your test this week. (Think about whether you would play your joker – you might need to explain this to your parents!)

4 Read Chapter 7 of Listen To The Moon and add this part of the story to the story board that you began on Monday. When you read this chapter please pay particular attention to any details about the Lusitania and make notes about how the ship is described.

I’ll ‘speak’ to you tomorrow to introduce the writing task for the morning.


Mrs K x