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Wednesday, 22nd April

Morning all, 


Please continue with the maths. Today's lesson is converting units of measure and the focus is mass. 



Again, I have set a ppt to go through and then some worksheets. 

Please try and complete both the main task and the extension tasks. 


Remember if you fly through this then the online lessons are available every day. 




By now, you should have watched much more of the film. 


I hope you have managed to write a really effective character description by extending your ideas. 



Tuesday's grammar task set in resource 2a may have been a bit tricky. 

I have uploaded a brief explanation of what I would expect in year 5. 

(Don't worry if you found it tricky, it has been a while since we covered a lot of the language.) 


You could use this information to edit your character description if you feel it is lacking a bit of detail. 


Wednesday's instructions have also been uploaded. 


Stay safe, 

Mr Coop.