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Wednesday, 24th June

Good Morning Year 1,

Here are your activities for today …


Daily recap of ‘phonics flashcards speed trial’ and ‘tricky word trucks’ on the Phonics Play website.

Go to Classroom Secrets Kids > Year 1 > Reading > Year 1 Online Safety Reading Comprehension The Sneaky Fox.

Yesterday you began looking at the -ed suffix. When we add -ed to a word it generally means it is past tense. When we add -ing it generally means it is present tense. Discuss the difference between past and present tense with an adult.

Today you will be looking at 2 rules for adding -ed and -ing.

RULE 1 : When a short vowel is followed by one consonant at the end of the word, double the last consonant and add -ed / -ing.

E.g. The letter “u” is a short vowel in the word run. It is followed by one consonant (n), therefore the last letter (n) is doubled - running.

RULE 2 : If the short vowel is followed by two or more consonants (mp), as in the word jump, the last consonant is not doubled - jumping.

Please complete the attached worksheet. You will need 2 highlighters to highlight the vowels and consonants.


Your English activity today is a VIPERS comprehension.

Look the picture. What can you see? What is happening in the picture? Then work through the questions. On the inference remember to explain why you think what you think.


Warm-up =

Complete the number starter warm up activity.

Main Activity

I hope that you are all now starting to get the hang of arrays and understanding how they link to repeated addition/multiplication sums.

Today I have set you a worksheet full of reasoning questions based on arrays. Go through the PowerPoint first as this will give you an idea of the type of questions on your worksheet. Remember to put the PowerPoint in slideshow mode so it doesn’t reveal the answers straight away.

When you complete the reasoning questions remember to physically make the arrays using objects or draw them if that helps you to work out the answer.


I hope those of you who are returning to school tomorrow are excited to get back. Enjoy your activities today and have a lovely time at school tomorrow.

Miss C, Mrs P and Mrs C.