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Wednesday, 24th June

Good Morning Year 2!

Here are your activities for today …  



Go to Classroom Secrets Kids > Year 2 > Reading > Year 2 Reading Comprehension Science Bones and Muscles.

Complete the suffix spelling activity.



Your English activity today is a VIPERS comprehension.

Look the picture. What can you see? What is happening in the picture? Then work through the questions. On the inference remember to explain why you think what you think.



Warm-up =  

Problem of the day.

Main Activity

Today you have got some more activities to complete on the 2 times table.

Go through the PowerPoint before trying the worksheets as it will give you an idea of the type of questions you will be answering. Remember to go through the PowerPoint as a slideshow so that it doesn’t reveal the answers before you’ve had chance to work them out. Then complete the worksheets

Miss C and Mrs P