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Wednesday, 24th June

Good morning, 


The next steps for your maths has been uploaded.  Today, it is some problem solving questions. 


If you didn't quite finish TYM or would like a go at a trickier sections then please feel free to continue with this. 


Before you attempt these i would like you to watch a video which goes over translations in more detail. Where you have been looking at translations in 1 quadrant, this video begins to explain translations across four quadrants 




Thank you for those of you sending in your monsters. I have enjoyed looking a your colourful pictures and designs. 


Your next step of the literacy work is on page number 14 of the booklet. This is an important task as you will be beginning to really bring your ideas together into the first stages of your writing. You can begin to add more detail here and expand from bullet points. 


When you have done this you can begin your first draft. 


Thursday's work will be providing a final draft alongside a pictures of your monster.


How you present the information of this informative writing is up to you as non-chronological reports are often presented in different ways.


All the best, 

Mr Coop.