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Wednesday, 25th March

Good Morning Year 2,

We hope you got on OK with your home learning tasks yesterday. Most of the Maths and English activities that we set will be consolidating all of the things that we have learnt so far in school. Some of the activities may not last a whole hour, so if you do manage to finish them a bit quicker remember that you can still be working on your reading, spelling, handwriting and mental maths.

Have any of you taken part in the morning PE lesson with Joe Wicks? It looks fab! It’s on every weekday morning at 9am , give it a go if you haven’t done already. Also, remember you can keep up with your amazing Go Noodle grooving whilst you’re at home. (Parents, you can sign up to ‘Go Noodle’ online for free. All you will need is an email address).

Yesterday certainly felt very strange, a lot less fun and much quieter without you all. We miss you all very much! We hope you are working hard at home just like you always do in school.

Here are your activities for today…


Go onto the Phonics Play website. You can access this on a tablet using the address         username: march20   password: home

Click on phase 5 on the menu that appears at the left hand side of the screen. Practice phonemes and tricky words using ‘phonics flashcards speed trial’ and ‘tricky word trucks’. Then, play the ‘Acorn Adventures’ game.

Each day we will be giving you 5 of the year 2 common exception words to practice. You should practice writing each word 5 times and then put it into a sentence.

Your words for today are: door, gold, plant, clothes, floor.



Today I would like you to work on proofreading and editing sentences. This is a really important Year 2 objective that we often don’t get enough time to work on in school. So this seems as good an opportunity as any to practice our editing skills. Please complete the worksheet provided. The worksheet begins with some boring sentences that you should improve by including correct punctuation, adjectives and a conjunction (and, but, so, if, because).

The second part of the worksheet has sentences containing errors. You must correct the mistakes and see if you can improve the sentences by adding adjectives and conjunctions.

This is a very important skill for writers and this focused activity will help you when you come to proofread and edit future pieces of independent writing.


Warm up – 

Count in 2s, 5s, 3s and 10s. Quick recall  of number bonds to 10 and 20.

If you are struggling with any of these warm up activities, you should ensure you focus on them alongside the provided activities.

Main Activity –

Yesterday you were working on your number bonds to 20. You need to keep practicing these daily so that you can quickly recall them. Today you will be thinking about number bonds to 100.

Firstly, explore how many ways you can make the number 100. Initially focus on multiples of 10 e.g. 10+90, 20+80 etc. To help you do this you could make your own base 10/dienes. Now repeat with 90, 80, 70, 60 and 50. Once you have written down all of the possible number bonds please complete the worksheet provided.

Finally we have attached the resources for a ‘mathopoly’ game if you want to have a go 😊

Speak tomorrow,

Miss Crossley and Mrs Parkinson