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Wednesday, 25th March

Hello all, 


I hope you are all well. Its been very strange at school without you all. 


Today (Wednesday) I would like you to complete the two daily maths videos on the websites I posted yesterday. 


Your extension task is page is 15 and 16 in the home learning pack I also posted on Monday. 


Your literacy task is to have a go at the parenthesis sheets in the pack which are from page 23-28. 


I think it would be also nice for you to read a chapter from, Far From Home. 


Discuss what has happened in the chapter. 


Try and impress your parents with your comprehension ability by making a point based on character emotion or action and back it up with evidence and an explanation (just like we have been working on in school). 


I also did the Joe Wicks video this morning and despite his annoying voice the exercises were great and I even found them hard work! 

keep catching his workouts at 9am. 


Stay safe, 

Mr Coop