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Wednesday, 29th April

Good Morning Year 2,

Hope you are all OK. Keep up the hard work 😊

Here are your activities for today …


Log on to Classroom Secrets Kids > Year 2 > Spelling > Year 2 Spelling Game 1.

Today you will be adding -ed to verbs that end in a short vowel followed by a consonant e.g. hop.

When we add -ed to these verbs we must double the consonant before adding -ed. E.g. hopped.

Please see the attached sheet and practice adding -ed to the verbs.


Today you will be continuing working on speech marks. We have attached a document containing 4 pictures. Choose any one of the pictures and we would like you to write a conversation that the  characters may have. You must remember to use speech marks correctly and try to think of alternative words to ‘said’. Sometimes it can make your writing a little boring if the word ‘said’ is repeated continuously throughout.


Warm up – - Level 2 > Addition > 2 digit numbers.

Time tables space race worksheet (5 times tables) – See if you can beat your previous time!

Main Activity –

How have the missing number problems been going? We hope you are feeling more confident with them now. Today we have set you a mixture of the different missing number sums that we have been learning about over the past couple of days. You will need to draw your own part whole model and think of the correct method to solve the problem. It might be worth a quick recap of the methods you have been using before you start your activity.

Miss C and Mrs P.