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Wednesday, 29th April

Hello! 🤓

How is it going? I wonder how many of you are still keeping up with the Joe Wicks workouts. 

For the rest of this week, I am trying to set you maths work that can be completed independently as I know that the time work was difficult for many of you and required lots of support from parents.  

Here goes for today’s tasks…

Maths: Quick Questions (Revision)

Again, five ‘quick’ questions that recap different topics we have already covered in class. You should be able to complete these independently and some may be completed using your mental strategies. Post your answers on Dojo and I’ll pick someone’s answers to share by midday.

I have also attached a page from TYM book where you will need to use your multiplication and division skills to solve the pyramids. We did the exact same activity in school using addition and subtraction. Look at the example (at the top of the page) to see how the pyramid works.


English: Retrieving information

Yesterday, you were introduced to the new topic. Temperature is a key word linked to this topic. Did you find out what instrument is used to measure temperature? I can imagine that many of you will have a thermometer at home. Watch the video link to see how the weather kids take the temperature Measuring temperature using a thermometer - KS2 Maths - BBC Bitesize


If you have a thermometer, see if you can read it. Some thermometers are made of glass and have liquid mercury inside. The mercury expands as it heats and so travels up the thermometer. The scale on the thermometer shows what the temperature is.

Keeping the English/topic theme going, I would like you to find out how weather can be measured using a variety of different tools. Have a look at the weather instruments I have attached (page1). Find out what aspect of the weather they measure. You could also find out how they work. 

You’re doing a great job! Keep it up.

Miss K x